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          About us

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                Shanghai Jinjie Transmission Technology Co., Ltd., formerly known as Pingyang County, Zhejiang Province in 2000 to build factories, specializing in the manufacture of gear reducer high-tech enterprises, in the medium term in order to seek better development, to provide customers with more portable services, in 2008 The marketing center moved to Shanghai, is now professional sales for more than 10 years.With a professional team and independent management autonomy, because our professional and business in the accumulation, we can quickly according to the characteristics of the application areas, to provide More reasonable selection. To provide more cost-effective products, and experienced design staff, professional responsible for high-end non-standard product design and customization, choose us, is to choose the price of a single. Professional services. after-sale warranty.
          The company's main R series helical gear motor, S series helical gear - worm gear motor, F series parallel shaft helical gear motor, K series helical gear - bevel gear motor, H, B series of standard industrial gear box, P series planets Gear wheel reducer, T-series spiral bevel gear steering box, SWL worm gear lift, cycloid reducer, RV series worm gear reducer, precision planets and so on more than 10 series, thousands of specifications of the product, is the current international The most commonly used in the field of industrial power transmission slowdown drive.
          The above products are widely used in metallurgical, mining, petrochemical, tobacco, ceramics, rubber and plastics, grain and oil food, beer drinks, transportation and domestic emerging logistics equipment, three-dimensional garage, environmental protection and other industries, for your drive applications to provide advanced and economical Choose to make your production smoother, more brilliant performance. Products using a series of modular design ideas, so that the product has a wide range of adaptability, a single product can be independent of Taiwan to achieve its own functions, but also and this series or other models, the composition to meet the different needs Of the variable speed unit, so that transmission machinery to be more rational application.
          Ten years of trees, a hundred years of people, I always adhere to: "customer-centric, heart of the altar, the most widely formed a community of interests" business philosophy, choose us, win-win future.


          Room D1-6843, No.55, Fumin Road, Hengsha Town, Chongming County, Shanghai, China

          Call Us

          0086 17317800797


          0086 21-32220797

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