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          About Us

                Shanghai Jinjie Transmission Technology Co., Ltd., formerly known as Pingyang County, Zhejiang Province in 2000 to build factories, specializing in the manufacture of gear reducer high-tech enterprises, in the medium term in order to seek better development, ... ......

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          Widely used in metallurgy, mining, Petrochemical, tobacco, ceramics, rubber and plastics, grain and oil food, beer drinks, three-dimensional garage, environmental protection and other industries.


          Since the company since its inception in 2000, always adhere to the "high quality, efficient, honest, innovative" business philosophy, with Give you the best products and services, so you use the rest assured.


          We have a professional team and independent management autonomy, because of our professional and business in the accumulation of our Can be quickly based on the characteristics of the application areas to provide a more reasonable selection. Provide more cost-effective products



          Room D1-6843, No.55, Fumin Road, Hengsha Town, Chongming County, Shanghai, China

          Call Us

          0086 17317800797


          0086 21-32220797

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